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Organic farm 'Mahenäksi vabrik Süü ää' offers dried raw snacks made of organic vegatables .

The snacks have been dried at low temperature in a special food dryer. Low temperature will help to keep all the benefits of fresh vegtables. We grow big part of our organic vegetables ourselves and all the other ingredients used are also organic!

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Mahenäksivabrik's, Süü ää, products have approved organic label.

We have five different products. Süü Ää snacks are inspired by Estonian old region called Mulgimaa which has its own dialect, national clothes, traditional food, etc.

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Organic snacks are good as a quick but nutrious snack between meals or you can eat them as a meal itself.

You can take our snacks with you when you travel, go to work or school or they are also a nice and healthy gifts to give it to your friends. Our packages are reclosable and reusable. They fit perfectly to car cup holders to be your companion during car rides.

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Süü ää Mahenäks snacks are healthy and made of organic goods!

All of Mahenäks products are free of egg, milk, gluten, sugar and there's no added preservatives. Suitable for vegans, people with gluten intolerance and healthy food lovers!

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Our ancestors in Mulgimaa had a saying that ...

... a good food must be eatn, which in Mulgi dialect would sound like „Ää süük süü ää!“. This is also our slogan.

Süü Ää organic snacks also represent that a good food can also be healthy! We are sure that you can find your favorite snack which can be your source of energy during busy days.

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